"Well, I ate enough people today and you're too skinny for my taste."

                                     - Kiyan, upon meeting The Channel

Kiyan character




Under 20


Shadow Tribe

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Eye Color

Light Blue


Channels Protector
'Demon'by the Berkel Knights
'Ki' by Portia







Kiyan (Kian in the older version of the game), is the main protagonist of Inotia 4. He is an Assassin of the Infamous Shadow Tribe. He is shown to be very loyal to the tribe, and is very cold to everyone who is not its member. He is often nicknamed 'Demon' by his enemies for being a one-man army.


Kiyan has white, shaggy hair with some of his bangs covering his forehead and his eyes are a cold light blue. Around his neck, he wears a crimson scarf and a blue pendant. Because he comes from the Shadow Tribe, he wears sleeveless Tribal armour , with the tribal tattoo on his left arm whilst on his right shoulder, he wears black protruding shoulder padding. He also wears a gauntlet on his right hand. Despite his appearance, however, many people he comes across state him to look young for his age, a Berkel Knight stating him as a man 'not even in his twenties' and later by Cornette as 'little man' suggesting he is young in appearance.


Kiyan is shown to be merciless to those who oppose him and very cold towards people who are outside of the Shadow Tribe. He is often blunt when he speaks and disregards how his comments may upset others. In particular, when he commented that The Channel was very skinny, as well as his cynical remarks to Shin. He is also shown to be insensitive towards other people's feelings, only accepting to do favours or helping others if he thinks it as of use towards his own goals. In particular, seeing it as more of a duty to protect The Channel than something he would do willingly.

However, Kiyan has shown moments of concern for others well-being. He has a respect towards his superiors and does not oppose their demands. Over the course of the story, he begins to become more considerate towards others. That including Eara's opinions on helping others and sparing a gang leader although he was told to assassinate them.


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Prior to the events of the game, Kiyan was an orphan who was picked up by Cardinal Janus with his brother, Azad to experiment on them for the perfect vessel for the Prince of Darkness, Moar. During this time Kiyan was very weak and was mostly dependant on his brother. After sometime when he was stated as a successful experiment by Cardinal Janus, he was brought in as a member of the Shadow Tribe and was fed false memories of his childhood to gain his trust. During this time, he was sent into extreme training and became the first virtuoso of the tribe. 

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