Section 2 is an unofficial name given to the area that covers the Shadow Tribe's hidden base within the empire, a small part of the empire, some of the houses within the empire, and some of the nearby forests.

Section 2 includes: 

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  • Call from Shadow Tribe Leader
    • Cardinal Janus has an assignment for Kiyan. Find Janus in Sanctus Imriel, the Empire's church. Go to the northern exit of the Shadow Hall. The Sanctus Imriel is at the northeast side of Berkel Capital.

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Screen fades from black to Kiyan's room, where he's standing around near his bed.

Kiyan: ...So this girl in the cave...Besides being skinny... Her clothes were too fancy.

No one wears pure diamond and hangs around in a cave...

??? (unknown woman with purple hair and red eyes): Kiyan? You there?

Kiyan turns to face the unknown woman, who walks into Kiyan's room.

???: I come to greet the hero! Our new Virtuoso!

Kiyan: Portia.

Portia: How you handled the situation in that cave? I heard about it. Really nice.

Kiyan: It's nothing. I trained long enough for that.

Portia: That you did. Oh, and Janus is expecting you.

Kiyan: Cardinal Janus?

You mean I'm getting my first assignment?

Portia: He doesn't share his thoughts with me, Kiyan. He is celebrating mass right now, in Sanctus Imriel.

It should be done soon, and you are expected over there right now.

Kiyan: All right. I'll do that.

Portia: You know how to go to Sanctus Imriel?

The church is located at the northeast of Berkel Capital, which is located north of the secret passage of the Shadow Hall.

Kiyan: Okay.

Portia: Go do that. I'll see you later.

Portia leaves. Call from Shadow Tribe Leader quest started.

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