Warlock Primary Skill

Description: Increases both the skill's mana usage and damage.

Mana Usage: 28

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Condition: Add 30 Skill Points

1 2 3
Required Skill Points 3 2 2
Mana Usage Increase +40.0% +40.0% +40.0%
Damage Increase +50.0% +56.0% +63.3%
Duration 12 seconds 12 seconds 12 seconds

This skill, at the cost of some mana, increases the cost and the damage of every skill (bar Pain Overture; its damage is considered enemy-inflicted damage). Due to the fact that the damage increase is greater than the mana cost increase, this skill effectively increases the damage output and mana efficiency of every skill. However, the increased cost of mana results in a faster depletion of mana.