STR (Strength) – Improves DMG (mainly for two-handed weapons) and STR-based skills.

DEX (Dexterity) – Improves DMG (mainly for one-handed weapons), H.RATE, EVD, and DEX-based skills.

VIT (Vitality) – Improves DEF, P.RES, HP, and VIT-based skills.

INT (Intelligence) – Improves M.DMG and INT-based skills.

MEN (Mentality) – Improves M.DMG, H.RATE, and MEN-based skills.

DMG (Physical Damage) – Physical damage dealt by normal attacks (melee weapons, bows) and skills.

M.DMG (Magic Damage) – Magic damage dealt by normal attacks (staff weapons, orbs) and skills.

CRT (Critical) – Chance to land a critical hit when attacking.

H.RATE (Hit Rate) – Chance to land a successful hit on an enemy.

C.DMG (Critical Damage) – Extra damage dealt (percentage increase) when landing a critical hit.

DEF (Defense) – Reduces damage received by enemies.

P.RES (Physical Resistance) – Reduces physical damage received (percentage reduction).

M.RES (Magic Resistance) – Reduces magic damage received (percentage reduction).

EVD (Evade) – Chance to cause an enemy-inflicted attack to miss.

W.D.R (Weapon Defense Rate)AKA Weapon Block Rate.*

S.D.R (Shield Defense Rate)AKA Shield Block Rate.*

HP (Health Points) – Indicates the total and current health values of your units. Can be restored through natural regeneration, Healing/Life Potions, Elixirs, specific skills, and fountains.

MP (Mana Points) – Used to activate skills. Can be restored through natural regeneration, Life Potions, Elixirs, specific skills, fountains, and mana gems (dropped by enemies).

Durability Enhancement – Indicates how many times a piece of equipment (weapon or armor) can be upgraded using the respective scrolls, increasing its total damage or defense. Each scroll usually increases the value beside the item name by 1 (Eg: Item Name +1), but there is also a chance to gain +2 from one scroll.

Sockets – Total number of jewels that can be added to the equipment. Unique and Epic equipment have 0 sockets, but you can add 1 socket to them via the Fusion Machine.

*How the block rate works is still unknown to me, might need some experimenting.